C.R TAN - Food Photographer & Stylist
C.R Tan




Hello! My name is Chun Rong (or C.R for short) and I’m a self-taught food stylist and photographer based in the sunny island of Singapore. 

Growing up, the art of cooking always fascinated me as I observed my aunt prepare hearty meals after school. Thanks to her guidance and many hours of watching cooking shows, I mastered the fundamentals to develop my culinary skills. 

It was through these means that my passion for food grew from a hobby to an aspiration. Losing my mother to cancer at the age of 17 taught me the fragility of life, and served as a reminder to pursue my dreams. 

With that, I decided to withdraw from university in 2014 and start this very blog to document my kitchen adventures, in the hopes of inspiring others to embrace home cooking. After all, nothing warms the heart more than seeing your loved ones enjoy the food you’ve prepared!


My cooking style draws inspiration from various cultures and cuisines, incorporating both classic and contemporary techniques to create comforting soul food. As for recipe development, I aim to keep it simple and true to the heart, so that it’s easily replicable at home. 

Photography & Styling:

Shortly after starting my blog, I began my foray into photography and food styling. For my personal craft, I like to combine natural elements with rustic aesthetics to accentuate the raw beauty of my subjects. Nevertheless, I constantly work to push my boundaries, experimenting with various styles and techniques to gain flexibility as a photographer.
My services include photography, food styling, food aesthetics, props styling, food curation, editorials, recipe development, private dining and workshops.

Interested in working together? Drop me a mail at hello@xlbcr.com / or get me through the contact form on the site.



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